Our program provides a full, developmental musical experience for students from years 10-12 who are interested in furthering their knowledge and skill in music. Students can study two music subjects through year 10 and 11 and by year 12, students are able to study up to three music subjects concurrently. The music department provides a wide selection of specialist music tuition in guitar, drums, piano, wind and voice as well as providing an encouraging environment for traditional instrumentalists. 


Students of Box Hill Senior Secondary College have gone on to achieve a high standard of excellence, being selected for Top Class, going through to further study and tertiary music education at The VCA, Monash, NMIT, Box Hill Tafe and Berklee University (USA) as well as pursuing work as recording artists, session musicians, audio engineers, producers, theatre and television actors


Five specialist staff lead ensembles rehearsing weekly in our facilities, as well as providing attentive and catered one-on-one tuition to assist each student in achieving their musical goals. Students of Box Hill Senior Secondary College are provided with many opportunities to perform and collaborate with their peers.


The music department also plays host to guest artists and sound engineers each year, which presents the students with the opportunity to work collaboratively with teachers who have high-level industry expertise such as Valanga Khoza, Steve Wade (Little River band) and Steve Vertigan from Soggy Dog Studios.


Year 10 Music and three VCE VET music subjects are taught at BHSSC; VCE Music Performance Units 1-4, VCE Music Investigation and VCE VET Technical Production Units 1-4  are offered.  Box Hill Senior Secondary College consistently achieves some of the top VCE VET scores across the field.




Music Performance develops skills and knowledge in music performance, theory and aural skills.

Students are required to take regular individual lessons on their instrument or voice either at school or with an external teacher. Students prepare solo and group performances, which are held at the college and at other venues. In Units 3 & 4 students can choose to complete the final assessment as a soloist or as a group performer. 

In class students engage in aural and theory work, group rehearsals, major written assignments and other practical music activities. Regular homework in music theory and aural comprehension is set. Group performance at the College usually includes a range of contemporary styles such as Rock, Pop, Blues and Jazz. 

Entry into this subject is by audition 




In this subject students learn to operate equipment for recording sound and live production. Students gain a nationally recognized Certificate III as well as four VCE units over the course of two years.

 The first year of the course covers a broad range of topics. Students engage in writing and recording songs as well as learn the fundamentals for operating all the equipment needed for live, contemporary music performances. Students are also required to organize an event and tackle topics such as health and safety, and copyright.


In the second year students further refine their skills in setting up and operating PA systems and recording sound. Students that partake in Unit 2 produce their own demo recording and create a portfolio of their studio and live work. 


For further information contact the music department:


Mr Simon Wilson, Music Coordinator


Phone: (03) 9890 0571